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CORTIX – AI & IOT Platform
CORTIX – AI & IOT Platform

The CORTIX platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform that offers predictive insights, prescriptive recommendations and autonomous actions to optimize equipment performance and building operations. The platform is technology-agnostic and can connect, control and offer insights on connected equipment across an organization’s building network, which could range from hundreds to thousands of locations. The CORTIX platform offers a single pane of glass to diagnose equipment issues and determine corrective actions– all in natural language, so that users need not decipher anything.
The CORTIX™ platform won an award for pattern recognition at the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards organized by the Business Intelligence Group.

Offers an AI assistant for multiple categories of equipment

Provides prescriptive and precise recommendations in natural language
Is a plug and play platform

Simply connect and get recommendations
Understands the context of building equipment operations

The assistant covers mechanical, electrical, controls and connectivity aspects of each piece of equipment, from multiple OEMs
Helps to achieve goals

Implement recommendations to reduce energy consumption. improve comfort, health & safety, reduce energy consumption and operational costs

The CORTIX platform helps businesses save time, effort and costs with predictions and clear prescriptive recommendations on the necessary actions to be taken, to better manage building equipment. It offers usage of its AI assistants for most of the equipment categories from multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that are typically installed in buildings.
The CORTIX platform AI assistant

AI assistants

The CORTIX platform offers AI assistants for the following classes of equipment

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Roof Top Unit | Chiller | Air Handling Unit | Variable Air Volume Roof Top Unit | Variable Air Volume Box | Direct Cooling Air Conditioner | Unit Heater

Dimmable and Non-dimmable lighting systems and zones

Refrigeration Case | Walk-In-Chiller | Walk-In-Freezer
Site Sensor & Meter Network
Building Management System (BMS) Controllers

Niagara® | WebCTRL® | i-Vu® | Savvy®

Each AI assistant has a library of scenarios applicable for processes through which each of these equipment go through. Scenarios are identified from the multitude of connected equipment that typically occur when they operate. The scenarios are developed using the AI/ ML backbone of CORTIX and have associated recommendations that enable the platform or a user to best run the equipment in a changing environment.

Currently the platform has over 550 scenarios with more than 1300 recommendations.

CORTIX App Voice Briefing Demo

Voice interactions powered by the CORTIX™ AI platform have simplified the usage of analytics insights. Users can now say "Brief me with CORTIX" using the voice assistant on iOS. The CORTIX assistant’s Natural language prescriptive recommendations are enabled with voice interactions, bringing clear updates and instructions to the user, such as a technician, on the go. The recommendations provide corrective actions to prevent equipment failures or improve efficiency.

Connecting to the CORTIX platform

Connect your equipment to the CORTIX platform to enable equipment behavior and performance monitoring


The CORTIX AI assistant provides recommendations for your connected equipment


Implement recommendations to prevent failure and optimize performance


Realize outcomes such as improved occupant comfort, health & safety and reduced energy and maintenance costs

Connecting to the CORTIX platform is simple with multiple BMS and IoT connectors available, including an open API for streaming data. A recommendation feed API from the platform is available for integrating with a retailer/facility manager's own business applications. The CORTIX platform is connected to more than 300,000 pieces of equipment and counting.
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For any technical assistance on the CORTIX platform visit the support page

The CORTIX platform was conceived, designed and developed by EcoEnergy Insights.
As a Carrier company, EcoEnergy Insights leverages a combination of advanced software and expert human analytics to uncover insights and use them to achieve results across sites, multiple industries and a range of geographies.